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Snap, chat, expense with Sam:]

It’s the end of the month and everyone is rushing to submit their expenses for approval. Nothing is more frustrating than having all your receipts stored in work clothes, lingering in desk drawers or floating at the bottom of your bag.

For those looking to keep all of those things in one place, that’s where Sam comes to the rescue. There are three simple steps your business travellers need to take to streamline the expense reporting process…

Step 1: Grab your smartphone
New to FCM Travel Solutions? Then contact us today and we’ll run through how Sam fits into your business travel management and how business travellers can benefit from using Sam when submitting expenses.

Step 2: Get snapping
Uncrinkle those receipts and use your smartphone camera or the Sam app to capture all essential monetary details. And it’s as easy as uploading the image via the “Expense” section via the app interface.

Step 3: Submit your report
Just fill in those extra details your company requires when submitting expenses and Sam builds an expense report that is sent straight to key personnel for approval.

Want to find out what else Sam can do? Then watch our extended video on the next page or contact us to request a full Sam demonstration.

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